Have fun creating with your own hands.

The meaning of Lab Minerva is in this sentence, because without fun there is no creativity and without Minerva there is no craftsmanship.


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Well, we start with the Knitting Course, knitting needles, scissors and lots of craftsmanship to learn an ancient art that can become a job from a passion.



The equipment needed to start the course (which you could buy from the Rosa Intimo store or elsewhere) is your responsibility and includes:

Ball of normal wool of any color (if you contact Rosa Intimo: ball of ZARA or ZARA PLUS);

Knitting X the wool (number indicated on the ball of wool);

A small scissors.

If you work or are unable to do so we can get the material you need to find when you start the course (cost to you).


Depending on the membership, you will be asked for the days when you could take the courses.

Once you reach the number of people I will let you know the days when you start.

Every day the course will last 2-3 hours to allow you to learn the knitting in the right time.


Toritto at the "Il Tocco di Minerva" Laboratory in via G.A. Pugliese 216;



Ha WhatsApp to 3495142961


????   Mail: info@iltoccodiminerva.it